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Towels are one of the most used items in any home. They are essential for keeping us clean, dry and comfortable after a long day or just to have on hand for when we need them. However, many towels that are sold at your local supermarket or big-box retailer can contain harmful substances like formaldehyde and benzene which can be toxic if absorbed by the skin. These chemicals are often added during the manufacturing process not only as a preservative but also to help create a softer towel fabric. Luckily there is an easy solution: eco friendly towels!

These towels are made from 100% organic cotton or a blend of high quality bamboo & cotton. Eco friendly towels offer all the benefits of regular towels – softness, absorbency and durability while being eco-friendly with no harmful chemical additives!

What are eco friendly towels?

Eco friendly towels are made from 100% organic cotton, Turkish cotton or blend of high quality bamboo & cotton. eco friendly towels offer all the benefits of regular towels – softness, absorbency and durability while being eco-friendly with no harmful chemical additives! They are manufactured in an eco-conscious way to ensure that the environment is not damaged during production. Today many manufacturers have shifted their focus towards using eco-friendlier materials for manufacturing products ranging from household items like bedding sets to fashion accessories.

You’ll be pleased with how well they wear over time too – even though it may seem like they don’t dry as quickly because of their thickness, they actually last much longer than regular cotton. Not only that but eco friendly towels also come in different patterns so you can find one to match any room. These fluffy friends will help make your bathroom experience more enjoyable! With just a few simple changes such as using these eco friendly towels instead of toxic ones, you could significantly cut down on water use and chemical exposure while helping save the planet for future generations.

synthetic towels are not eco friendly
synthetic towels are not eco friendly

Toxic ingredients in towels:

Toxic ingredients in towel fibers: Benzene and formaldehyde

As many people are aware, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the use and disposal of towels. Many worry about what they might be putting not only on themselves but also into their home fabrics when drying off after showering or bathing with this type of chemical-laden fabric item often times stocked in most public restrooms as well! Toxic ingredients found within these fibers include benzene which has been linked to cancerous tumors; formaldehyde gas – an embalming fluid used during funerals where it can lead to organ damage among other things if inhaled deeply enough over time.

Toxic ingredients in fabric softeners: Phthalates, Lead

Toxic ingredients in fabric softeners can be harmful to your health. One of the most concerning is phthalates, which are found on nearly every product that has some kind or contact with a surface including carpeting and upholstery fabrics among many others. They’re also used as solvents for transporting other chemicals during manufacturing processes – this means when you use a SoftSoap brand detergent from DPS International LLC., it’ll have been scrubbed clean thanks partly due to its inclusion!
Lead isn’t always visible either; even though we might not see them under our microscope’s scope right away (or ever), these heavy metals may end up buried deep inside where they do their damage over time

Toxic chemicals are added to towels during the manufacturing process for ultra absorbency and softness.
There are many types of chemicals that can be found in towels, but the most common one is sodium hydroxide. It’s added to make them ultra-absorbent and soft so they’ll feel great on your skin!

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The risks of using toxic towels:

  • Harmful chemicals are absorbed through skin
  • Exposure to these toxic ingredients has been linked to cancer, reproductive harm and developmental problems

Why use eco friendly towels?

Towels are one of the most used items in any home. They are essential for keeping us clean, dry and comfortable after a long day or just to have on hand for when we need them. Towels of all different types of materials and shapes have been made for centuries in various parts of the world using everything from palm leaves to seaweed. However eco-friendly organic cotton has become one of the most popular materials because it is naturally absorbent, durable yet affordable than other eco fabrics such as hemp, bamboo or even recycled plastic bottles.

Benefits of eco friendly towels:

Eco-friendly organic cotton is eco friendly eco suitable for towels because it only requires half the amount of water to grow as regular cotton and doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers which can harm wildlife.

Towels made from eco-friendly organic cotton are naturally absorbent, durable yet affordable making them a more sustainable choice. Because they don’t use harmful chemicals during processing they won’t leave behind any harmful residues on your skin either! Not only that but by buying eco friendly eco products you’re doing something good for our planet as well. If everyone started using these types of products then we could help lower global warming due to fewer greenhouse gases being produced. In addition, recycling old clothing into new eco-friendly eco products saves resources and energy by reducing the amount of fiber being stripped from new cotton plants.

In addition, eco friendly eco towels are a healthier choice for your skin! Because eco friendly organic cotton doesn’t use chemicals during processing you won’t have to worry about any residue left on your skin or in our waterways. In fact, it’s been shown that using these types of eco fabrics reduces exposure to harmful toxins which can disrupt hormones and cause fertility problems later in life. Not only that but they’re also hypoallergenic, great for sensitive skin folk who can sometimes be irritated even after washing regular bath towels with harsh detergents containing chlorine bleach.

How to care for your new eco friendly towels?

Eco friendly eco towels are usually made up of eco cotton and eco linen. Here are our best practices for effectively cleaning your new eco-friendly eco towel:

Wash with cold water in a washing machine that hasn’t been used recently to minimize the risk of residual chemicals from previous loads seeping into your eco towel fabric.

Use an eco-friendly detergent like organic soap or castile liquid soap .

Dry on low heat in the dryer, again not using it recently will help reduce any residue left behind by other fabrics in the load beforehand. An added bonus? You’ll also save money! By drying them on low you won’t need to use as much electricity and can extend their life span which makes this eco-friendly eco towel an eco friendly choice all the way around!

The pros and cons of eco friendly towels

The eco friendly towel does not contain any harmful chemicals so while it might feel less luxurious than other towels if you are looking to minimize your exposure to toxins in the home this eco towel is a great option!

The eco friendly towel is also eco-friendly which makes it a great choice for the planet!

Any cons of eco friendly towels?

Not really, they are simply an alternative to other options on the market. They might not be as soft or plush but if you care about your health and want to prevent exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, this eco option is a good one!

How to find an eco friendly towel that is right for you and your family?

Look for eco friendly towels that are made from organic cotton, bamboo or hemp fabric. Bamboo and hemp fabrics tend to be very soft and eco-friendly!

It’s not necessary to choose eco-friendly towels with recycled content like polyester since they aren’t necessarily toxic in the first place (polyester is a manmade material) but it can be eco-friendly to choose eco friendly towels that are made from recycled plastic bottles.

If you prefer not to purchase eco-friendly towels because they feel less luxurious, consider washing your towel with a few natural laundry detergents before using them for the first time. This will help soften up the fabric and make them feel more luxuriant in your home!

not all cotton towels are eco friendly


Eco-friendly towels are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but they also have other benefits. They’re safer for you and the environment because many toxic ingredients in traditional bath towels can be harmful when absorbed by the skin or inhaled through dryer vents. For example, formaldehyde is often found in fabric softeners, which releases fumes that irritate eyes and lungs when heated—especially if someone has an allergy or asthma! This is why it’s important to use eco-friendly towels instead of chemicals like fabric softener with these products.

Not only do they absorb water better than cotton terrycloth towels (which means less time spent drying off), but they tend to last longer too. The bottom line is that there are many reasons why it may make sense for you to switch over to this safer product. In fact, we have found some great options on Amazon – check out our list below!

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