About Us

Ecotsy is an online resource for all things sustainable living. We offer tips, advice, and Eco-friendly products to help you live a greener life while reducing your environmental impact. We’re here to help you make some eco friendly changes in your everyday routine that will have a positive effect on the world around us – one small step at a time.


Meet our co-author

Andy Smith

Photographer, Green Lifestyle Expert

Andy Smith is a photographer that specializes in the environment and sustainability. He has been to over fifty countries, capturing what he sees on film. Andy loves working with people, and making sure they get their message across through his work.

He is an expert in green lifestyles, which includes energy efficiency and sustainable living practices.

Meet our co-author

Jessica Patterson

Writer, Activist, Wanderer
Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson is a writer, activist, and wanderer. She has seen many places in her travels and she’s ready to see more. Jessica loves learning about people from different cultures and visiting new countries. She studies the world around her with an open mind.

She spends her time writing about green living advice, cultural exploration, social activism – anything that interests her!