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Water bottles are made of plastic which is one of the most harmful materials to our environment, but what if I told you there was a solution? Meet the eco friendly water bottle! This new-age water bottle has an environmentally safe stainless steel body with a silicone sleeve that can be removed and cleaned. Unlike other water bottles on the market, this one doesn’t leech chemicals into your drink like BPA or phthalates. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!

The best part about this new product is that it’s still affordable so you don’t have to break your bank just to keep yourself healthy! Keep reading this article for more information on how you can stay hydrated without harming our planet.

Plastic water bottles are a huge environmental concern

Plastic take a long time to degrade and can even harm wildlife. Plastic water bottles can leech harmful chemicals into your drink. The eco friendly water bottle is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

The number of disposable plastic water bottles being used is staggering.

Consider the pollution that is caused by plastic water bottles. With each one capable of lingering on Earth for hundreds or even thousands more years than its original owner. It’s not just a problem in America. Worldwide we’re printing 400 million copies of this single-use item every day!

plastic water bottle are not eco friendly
plastic water bottle are not eco friendly

Plastics have been found to release toxins into the water they contain

Plastic water bottles are bad news for human health and the environment! Not only do they leach toxins into our drinking water, but these same chemicals have been found in animals and birds too who commonly get plastic pieces in their stomachs.

The Eco-Friendly Water Bottle has many benefits

The eco friendly water bottle is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic. It’s made from eco-friendly materials, is dishwasher safe and doesn’t leech chemicals into your drink. It has a stainless steel body with an easy to remove silicone sleeve that can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use or manually scrubbed clean. Unlike other water bottles on the market, this one doesn’t contain BPA or phthalates which have been known to seep into our drinking supply and cause negative health effects such as cancer, infertility and birth defects!

This eco friendly bottle also comes with a carabiner lid for convenient carrying while hiking through the woods or biking downtown. The water flows easily out of it via small holes punched throughout its straw like spout so there are no plastic parts (like other reusable travel mugs) that need to be removed and disassembled before placing it in the dishwasher.

The eco friendly water bottle is a great alternative to plastic bottles that are often found littering city streets and parks as well as beaches all around the world. . The eco-friendly water bottles are sold with several accessories to make sure they meet all your needs. They come in an assortment of styles and colors so you can choose one that suits your own personal taste!

When it comes to cleaning, these eco-friendly products are extremely easy as most parts can me cleaned in dishwasher and they do not require much effort!

Eco Friendly Water Bottle Types:

There are different types of Eco-Friendly Water Bottles depending on the type of eco-friendly material you prefer.


Silicone is a great eco friendly option for those who are concerned about chemicals leaching into their drink, but don’t want to sacrifice style or durability with glass bottles. This one comes in three different colors and black silicone sleeves that can be removed for cleaning! It’s made from 100% FDA approved food grade materials so it won’t stain your shirt pocket when you have water leak out after being squeezed by accident while taking it hiking or biking through town. Not only is this bottle eco friendly, but it also looks good doing its job!

Stainless steel can be eco friendly
Stainless steel can be eco friendly

Stainless Steel

If you’re worried more about function than fashion, stainless steel may be the eco-friendly bottle for you. This water bottle has double walled insulation to keep liquids colder or warmer longer than your average plastic bottles, but it doesn’t let out any harmful chemicals into the environment.


Glass eco friendly water bottles are great options if style is what you’re after since they come in a variety of colors and patterns that will add some extra flare to your outfit when taking them with you on hikes or bike rides downtown. Like other eco-friendly bottles, these offer superior durability over typical sports drink containers and they’re eco-friendly too!

Eco-friendly water bottles can be reused over and over again for years without breaking down like plastics do and they’re eco-friendly too!

Stainless Steel

The Eco-Friendly Water Bottle made of stainless steel are durable and won’t break

Stainless steel eco-friendly water bottles are perfect for on the go. They can be reused over and over again, making them an excellent choice in comparison to plastic which often breaks down after just one use! These products also have many other advantages including being environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, dishwasher safe and they help to eliminate the use of harmful plastics.

The Eco-Friendly Water Bottle can be more expensive than other options on the market, but it’s well worth it.
If you’re eco-conscious and want to do your part for Mother Nature then this water bottle is perfect for you! This eco-friendly product is ideal for people who want to do their part by reducing the amount of plastic they use.

FAQ about eco-friendly water bottles

Are eco-friendly water bottles cost effective compared to disposable ones?

Most eco friendly reusable water bottles retail at under $30 USD making them more affordable than disposable bottled waters over time. Also, eco friendly water bottles can be reused for years and years to come.

Are eco-friendly water bottles dishwasher safe?

Yes! These eco friendly reusable water bottle are made of stainless steel, which is a high quality material that won’t rust or corrode over time making them very durable. Additionally, these eco friendly reusable water bottles feature silicone sleeves that clean easily even in the dishwasher.

Is there an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic straws?

While eco friendly reusable straws aren’t as popular as other eco conscious products they do exist on the market today! Like many types of eco friendly reusable drinking ware, most alternatives have metal bodies with silicone insulators around the neck where you sip your drink from ensuring no harmful chemicals enter your eco friendly reusable water bottle.

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Disadvantages of eco friendly water bottles:

The eco friendly water bottle is a great alternative to disposable plastic, but there are some disadvantages as well. Like eco friendly reusable straws, eco friendly water bottles are not perfect and have their own set of problems as listed below:

  • Can still break down if frozen or exposed to extreme temperatures for a long period of time
  • The stainless steel is cold when your drink it straight from the freezer resulting in condensation on the outside making them more susceptible to rusting with heavy use over time. As such they should be hand washed using warm soapy water after each use and left out to air dry before being put back into storage again.
  • Can be a bit pricey compared to disposable water bottles.
  • The eco friendly water bottle may take time for you to get used too as it is not as easy or accessible as using plastic bottles. You have to carry the eco friendly water bottle with you, and if don’t use them often enough they can grow bacteria on them overtime which makes your drink taste stale!
  • It’s possible that some customers will realize these eco conscious drinking ware are more expensive than what they’re already spending on their disposable alternatives like bottled water. This could be the result of people looking for cheaper options at local stores where eco aware reusables are sold at full price, instead of online options like Amazon.
  • Customers may not like the texture of metal on their lips, especially if it’s cold or they’re using an eco conscious drinking ware product for the first time – this could result in them returning to disposable water bottles that are more comfortable and familiar even though these eco friendly alternatives are better for our planet!

The number of disposable plastic water bottles being used is staggering. The Eco-Friendly Water Bottle has many benefits including the ability to be reused over and over again for years without breaking down like other plastics do, but glass or stainless steel options have their own set advantages and disadvantages as well.


Plastics are a huge environmental concern, and the number of disposable plastic water bottles being used is staggering. The EPA estimates that 30 billion plastic water bottles were consumed in 2006 alone. This figure does not include all other types of plastics, such as those found at supermarkets or on food packaging. Plastic leaches chemicals into the water it contains which can be harmful to humans if ingested over an extended period of time.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles offer you a way out from this problem as they do not contain any toxins like their counterpart, plastic. There are different types of eco-friendly water bottle options available with each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages including glass or stainless steel containers that can be reused for years without breaking down.

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