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If you are looking for a eco friendly alternatives to sanitary napkins, then this blog post is perfect! You will be able to find out about the different types of products available and their benefits. There are also some great tips on how to get started with reusable products.

You may have heard that there are more eco friendly alternatives than just tampons or pads, but what are they? This article will give you the lowdown on menstrual cups, cloth pads, menstrual sponges – all sorts of things! It’s time to go green ladies!

Menstrual cups- reusable, eco friendly alternative to tampons

Menstrual cups are a popular eco friendly alternative to sanitary napkins. They can be made from silicone, rubber, TPE or latex and come in two different sizes – one for women under 30 who haven’t given birth vaginally and other for those over 30 or after vaginal childbirth. The cup itself is inserted into the vagina where it collects menstrual blood.

They can be worn for up to 12 hours depending on a person’s flow and should be emptied every few hours, washed thoroughly with soap and then reinserted. Some people find that they have more leaks when using a cup versus some other eco friendly products such as cloth pads or tampons but this is said to ease after several uses.

The benefit of cups compared to sanitary napkins is mostly related to the eco-friendly factor – no waste! You also don’t need an applicator which not only saves money in itself but eliminates plastic from your life! If you want eco-friendly alternatives than it’s hard to do better than reusable options like these.

Cloth pads – washable, eco friendly alternative to sanitary napkins

Cloth pads are another eco friendly option for ladies who want to go green with their period products. They can be made of silk, cotton or bamboo and come in a variety of sizes – one size fits all! Some people like the softness that comes from using cloth over something more traditional like paper towel while others find it more comfortable than disposable options.

Cloth pads are reusable up to about 500 washes so you will have years worth of eco-friendly products without ever having to buy tampons again! There is also no waste involved here as you only need a couple per cycle and they can be washed along with your other clothes at home.

The downsides? You do have to take time out every day or two during menstruation to wash your pads and you may find that they don’t absorb as much blood as disposables.

Cloth pads are eco friendly alternatives because there is no waste or chemicals involved! They do require a little bit more effort than the regular options but if eco-friendly products interest you, then cloth might be right for your next period.
Utilize menstrual cups and cloth pads in tandem for greater protection

If eco-friendly alternatives to sanitary napkins are something you want, it’s time to go green! There are eco friendly options beyond tampons or pads. You can try menstrual cups which collect blood inside of them rather than absorbing it and they have no waste involved unlike disposable products.

Cloth pads are another eco friendly option that is reusable for up hundreds of washes so there is virtually no waste with this approach either! One downside? Some people find that cloth doesn’t absorb as much fluid as traditional methods but if eco-friendly products interest you then these might be worth a shot…

Period underwear – simple solution for those looking to avoid periods altogether!

*If eco-friendly period products aren’t your cup of tea, then there are some other alternatives to consider. You can try something like menstrual underwear which is an alternative if you don’t want to deal with tucking pads into panties or washing reusable cloth pads on a daily basis. The downsides? There isn’t anything eco friendly about this option so it’s not for those who are looking at eco friendly products as the best options around but maybe good for others!

Similarly, another eco-friendlier approach that many women have started taking advantage of is by using organic tampons instead of traditional ones – they work just as well and contain no chemicals compared to conventional brands.

Organic cotton tampons from brands like Natracare or Sea Sponge Tampons are eco-friendly and chemical free.

*Organic tampons are another eco friendly option that women can take advantage of if they don’t want to use reusable cloth pads or menstrual cups. They’re similar to regular cotton tampons but contain no chemicals so they’re a great alternative for eco-conscious ladies who just need something simple like this instead of all the different options out there!

The downsides? Some think it’s not as effective, however, most people find them easy enough to switch between organic and conventional options throughout their period so you do have some flexibility here.

If eco friendliness is what interests you then consider switching from disposable products in favor of sustainable alternatives – there really is an option for everyone when it comes to eco friendly periods.

Eco friendly feminine wipes that are made with organic ingredients and biodegradable materials too!

*Another eco friendly option that some people prefer is eco-friendly feminine wipes. These are an effective way to clean up your lady parts after using the bathroom without having to use harsh chemicals or other ingredients which could be irritating if you have sensitive skin for example. You may need more than one wipe per visit so this can get pricey, but it’s another eco friendlier solution available!

Reusable menstrual products – sustainable and cost effective alternatives for women who want a more natural period experience.

*If eco-friendly products are something you have been keeping an eye on then reusable menstrual cups and cloth pads might be the right choice for your lifestyle. They don’t contain any chemicals or waste which is a more natural experience of menstruation that some people prefer. You can also reduce costs by using these eco friendly alternatives to sanitary napkins as they last up to 500 washes with proper care!

The downsides? Some find it difficult to switch from old-world methods like tampons and disposable pads and there may be some trial and error with eco friendly options – not all work well for everyone, but if eco-friendliness interests you then these sustainable period products could be perfect.


If you’re looking for a more natural period experience, there are plenty of sustainable and cost-effective options on the market. Organic cotton tampons from brands like Natracare or Sea Sponge Tampons offer a great option to traditional sanitary napkins. You can also try eco friendly feminine wipes that are made with organic ingredients and biodegradable materials too! We have all types of reusable menstrual products- so whether you prefer cloth pads, menstrual cups, or period underwear we’ve got your back!

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